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The Dayton Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service is a community service designed to help you with your legal matter. The program is intended to match paying clients in need of legal services with lawyers by practice to handle legal problems. These lawyers are not volunteers or reduced fee program lawyers.


- 100+ Attorneys. Our lawyers must be in good standing with the Supreme Court of Ohio and the Dayton Bar Association and carry liability insurance.


- 14,000+ ReferralsSince 1980 the DBA has provided referral services to the community.


- 200 Practice Areas. Attorneys are standing by in most areas of law. 


- CommunitiesServices are available throughout Montgomery and contiguous counties.


If you have a legal problem, but cannot afford a lawyer, please contact the Legal Aid Society at 888-534-1432

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Briefly describe your legal situation and give us a way to contact you. Everything will be kept confidential.
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Get notified about your lawyer match. Your match is selected based on your needs and location.
Connect with a matched lawyer and work together to resolve your legal issue.

We have written guides on a range of legal topics to assist you in your process of requesting the right legal help for your situation.

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